Sunrise Platelets Club

Dear Brother Knight,
          I am writing you because there is a good possibility that you are able to donate blood or blood products. When I joined Sunrise Council I got involved in several programs. The one I have become most passionate about is donating blood and subsequently donating platelets. Imagine Saving a LifeYou have that opportunity every time we have a blood drive. The Platelet Club has taken this one step further by choosing to donate platelets. Platelets are blood cells that help control bleeding. When a blood vessel is damaged, platelets collect at the site of the injury and temporarily repair the tear. Platelets then activate substances in plasma which form a clot and allow the wound to heal. Many lifesaving medical treatments require platelet transfusions. Cancer patients, organ transplants, accident victims and patients undergoing open heart surgery require platelet transfusions. Because platelets can be stored for only 5 days, the need for donations is vast and continuous. For example:  Heart surgery - 6 units; Burn patient - 20 units; Organ transplant patient - 30 units; Bone marrow transplant patient - 120 units.
I donate 2 units of platelets and one unit of plasma once a month. Currently there are five platelet club members who donate regularly. We accounted for over 140 blood products donated last year. We need to increase our membership in the Platelet Club. I need more of my able bodied Brother Knights like you to step up and donate. Remember charity isn’t always about writing a check. I think donating platelets is what being a Knight of Columbus is about. Please call me at (631) 589-3805 and I will gladly give you more information about the donation process.

Brian Fitzpatrick, PGK