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Abortion on demand laws give to one person (the mother) the legal right to kill another (the baby) in order to solve the first person's social problem. SHOULD WE CONTINUE TO DO THIS?
     A letter from the A.C.L.J.(American Center for Law and Justice):
Right now we need to know: life is on the line in a severe way - under the greatest assault since the notorious and fateful decision of ROE v WADE.
The Obama administration is organizing its formidable powers for a push to constitutionalize abortion - a push of unprecedented proportions.
     The ACLJ is committed to pursuing every possible legal or legislative angle to stop it.
     Let me explain. The president's beloved health care "reform" law represents the single greatest promotion of abortion in decades, an unprecedented flow of taxpayer dollars into the pockets of abortionists.
     In fact if this law remains on the books, it will literally be the greatest disaster for the unborn since ROE v WADE. It must be stopped. The only way to end this now is through litigation. So we have sued them in federal court. Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for ACLJ with a team of six(6) lawyers working this case 1:10-cv-00950, Mead v Holder, in the U.S. District Court for D.C. We have also filed a brief in a Virginia federal case - where we scored an initial victory - and are preparing to file another in a federal case in Florida. The litigation battle, which has already begun, will be one of the most massive legal campaigns we have ever undertaken. Our lawsuit against the government, one of the few directly challenging the health care law, has triggered a huge reaction by the Obama Administration; and it is absolutely clear that they will come at us with everything they have.

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops - Respect Life Program

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